Calendar of Events
Start of calendar events:
12/17/2018 Holiday Store Opens!!! Mon-Fri 7:25-8:30a
12/19/2018 Restaurant Night - Moonie's: 2nd Grade 5p-8p
12/20/2018 Pep Squad Practice
12/21/2018 Teacher Appreciation -Winter Breakfast
12/21/2018 Winter Parties!
12/21/2018 Last day for Holiday Store!!! 7:25-8:30a
12/24/2018 Winter Break begins!
1/4/2019 Winter Break ends!
1/7/2019 Student Holiday - Staff Development
1/8/2019 Teacher Appreciation- Room Service
1/26/2019 Watch DOGS night at the Texas Stars hockey game - 7p-10p
End of calendar events.